Transforming Pediatric Health

The Odessa Legacy

The name Odessa Health is derived from Odessa Brown, a monumental health activist from Seattle who advocated for the underprivileged throughout the 1940’s and the Civil Rights Movement. She dedicated her time and energy to helping those who needed it most. Those who had the pleasure of knowing her watched her fight Leukemia in the pique of her run as a community organizer. Odessa unfortunately lost that battle and left an immortal effect on the Seattle health community. Odessa Brown served as a guarantor for members in the community that suffered through poverty and a lack of proper healthcare. Odessa Health plans to carry on her legacy with a multifaceted approach.

The Odessa Movement

Odessa Health is not a usual community organization, Odessa Health is a movement focused on health equity. This organization was built by doctors, developers and educators of the Boston and Greater Boston area who want to enhance the strength and connectedness of health systems for underrepresented populations. The goal of our movement is to bring health equity to underserved communities and build healthier environments in schools.

The Odessa Vision

Odessa Health is dedicated to improving access and quality of care in low-income communities through policy efforts, healthcare navigation, and providing necessary health resources to all partner schools. Initially, the purpose of Odessa Health was to uplift black and brown communities in the fight for health equity; however, our founder and CEO (Zachary Hermes) had a larger vision and could not ignore the opportunity to improve the larger healthcare system. Now, we fight to change healthcare and cooperate with all marginalized communities to extend lives and create healthy environments everywhere we can.

Children at School